New Celtic Knot - A Traditional Celtic Music Ensemble

Playing a full repertoire of joyful Celtic, Irish and Scottish reels and jigs, plus soulful, haunting airs and dirges.    [Some samples of our music.]

Featuring: Acoustic Guitar, Violins, Flute, Irish Whistle, Harp, Bodhran, and Percussion.

Upcoming performances:

Date and Time Location

O'Malley's Irish Pub   
172 N. Main St. Waynesville, NC
St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The Musicians:

Glenn & Kjelsty Kastrinos

Glenn Kastrinos began playing classical guitar in the early seventies but early on discovered ragtime guitar. In 1976, he ventured to Ireland and spent many sleepless nights due to not being able to get the tunes out of his head. He loved the language of the Irish and how they would play with words and rhythms of speech and the music reflected their gift of the gab. He continued to visit Ireland every summer and began competing in fleadh cheols which are the Irish music competitions. He qualified four times by winning the New York fleadh cheol and received honorable mention and third place at the international fleadh cheol for his creative finger picking style. He also became chief accompanist for several Irish fiddlers in the Philadelphia region. Later, he became interested in playing the Irish flute and whistles, and has been playing Celtic music ever since.

Kjelsty started playing the drums after taking a percussion class at a summer art camp she attended when she was 11 years old. The teacher told her she had good rhythm and suggested she start private lessons. She played in the school marching bands and symphonic bands. She received a music scholarship to attend Linfield College. She went on to University of Idaho for her master’s degree and participated in a group called Dancers, Drummers and Dreamers. Kjelsty met Glenn while she was studying in Idaho. He introduced her to the bodhran and she felt at home playing this drum. They started performing together and have been ever since. Together they moved to New Zealand to live and perfomed at festivals all around New Zealand. They have recently moved to Sylva, NC and are inspired by the mountains. More about them at

Michael Pilgrim

Michael Pilgrim has played music since the age of four. He played his first professional engagement at age fifteen and has been a music teacher since age twenty-two. He is equally at home on violin, mandolin, piano and guitar.

He plays a variety of styles including classical, Irish, old-time, bluegrass, standards, swing, gypsy jazz, Latin, blues, rhythm & blues, and gospel.

Karin Lyle

Karin Lyle
has adored string and keyboard music since she was a young child. Her first instrument was a toy organ, which lead to piano lessons, which led to harp lessons. After marrying her true love Jimmy Lyle, she began working in her Father-in-law's dulcimer shop
Balsam Gallery Dulcimers) where she spent hours learning to play various folk instruments, including hammer and mountain dulcimers, autoharp, psaltery, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and guitar.

In her mid-20s she decided to take violin lessons and subsequently became infatuated with the fiddle. She is thankful to be able to play the fiddle with various bands in Western North Carolina and continues to seek out opportunities to play with other musicians.

Jim Webb

Jim Webb specializes in traditional Celtic or Irish tunes on the Flute and Whistle and has developed playing in this style since the mid 90’s. Before that his background was classical and baroque flute. He began playing the flute at 10 years of age, and was first flute in the University of Richmond concert band while attending school there. He was an original founding member of the Celtic Knot ensemble.

Alan McRae

Alan McRae discovered the joys of making music at the age of 16, when his supportive, and long suffering, parents bought him a set of rock drums. This lead to a brief career as a drummer in a popular college rock band, followed by an audition with the Stony Brook Jazz Ensemble. Though a capable rock drummer, Alan realized that jazz was much more complex and sophisticated and quite a bit beyond his skills at the time.

So he played in a succession of rock bands while running his own computer business. Since loud rock music was starting to damage his hearing, he switched to playing percussion behind various folk singers and in a praise band called "Light Touch". He then took a break from professional playing for almost 20 years. Upon moving to Waynesville a few years ago, Alan got intrigued by Celtic music, took up the Bodhran drum, and helped form a popular band called Celtic Knot. When this band broke up, he began playing drums for the Waynesville Wildcats oldies jazz band. Today he enjoys playing in both the New Celtic Knot Band and the Waynesville Wildcats.

Available for Weddings, Wakes, Parties and Special Events. 
For information call Jim Webb at 828-734-0842.