Chris Minick & Friends Band  

Chris Minick has been Waynesville's troubador-in-residence for over 20 years, so you've probably heard him singing & playing guitar both solo and in a variety of local bands. Chris has a large repertoire of cover songs from country rock, country, bluegrass, reggae, gospel, jazz, oldies, and other genres, as well as over 80 original songs that he has written himself. He's a natural, and a real pleasure to listen to, and to play with.

He's joined on upright bass by the talented & creative hometown bassist Mark Stevenson. Mark has a very intense, passionate style of playing that fully explores the rhythmic & melodic potential of the upright bass, and he is also featured as both a second lead singer and a background harmony accompanist. Audiences are always pleasantly surprised to hear both rich upright bass rhythms and vocal harmonies from a single musician, and Mark is a big reason why this trio sounds like more than three performers.

Alan McRae on drums is a "brushes man", so the drums never drown out the subtle acoustic guitar & bass harmonies and the audience can really hear the poetic lyrics & vocal duets. Being a dancer himself, Alan is back there dancing on his drums and keeping this trio rolling along the tracks. Lots of slow dances, two steps, some swing and an occasional Latin number will get everyone onto the dance floor at some point during a performance, and your ears will appreciate their "easy listening" style that won't drown out your dinner conversation.

Performance Calendar

New Year's Eve

American Legion Hall
Waynesville, NC
9:00pm till 12:30am


Sample MP3 Recordings
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Bookings Wanted: Chris Minick & Friends are always looking for places to play their easy listening classic oldies jazz music, romantic ballads and ballroom dance numbers. Call Alan McRae at 828-226-0136 for booking info.

Chris Minick & Friends
Chris Minick Chris has been playing around town for decades, so you've probably heard him several times with different groups. In this group you will get to hear him performing some of his own original songs as well many popular covers, so you'll be in for a real treat.
Mark Stevenson Many of you have heard Mark playing bluegrass around town with different groups. He and Mark have been playing together for many years, so they know each other's musical moves like a hawk knows his holler.
Alan McRae I "rediscovered" the joy of playing music after breathing in the spirit of the Smoky Mountains for a few years. It started with playing drums around a campfire during drum circles, progressed to playing the Bodhran in a terrific Celtic Band called Celtic Knot, and now I'm blessed to be playing some of the sweetest country rock standards in the genre with some wonderful people who really want to make music together. Thank you God!

Places we have played:

Ceviche's O'Malley's Irish Pub
Haywood County