Musicians Wanted

Some of our bands are looking for additional musicians, either full-time, part-time, for a particular gig, or for recording sessions. We also have musicians who are new to Lexington Virginia & New York City and need to build some new bands. Check back here from time-to-time to see what opportunities might be appropriate for you or someone you know.

Oldies Jazz Musicians Wanted
Jazz drummer Alan McRae, formerly of The Waynesville Wildcats, is looking for talented oldies jazz musicians to create first-class oldies jazz & ballroom dance bands centered in the Lexington Virginia and New York City areas. I am looking for masterful jazz pianists, upright bassists, jazz guitarists, and versatile brass players (trumpet and/or saxophone). 

Expect to be playing at upscale black tie affairs, classy jazz venues, upscale restaurants, ballroom dancing events and more. Must be extremely proficient, great at backing superb jazz vocalists, nimble at improvisations, and have a large oldies jazz repertoire.

Please contact Alan McRae at 540-960-1651 if you are interested, or email me at


Celtic Musicians Wanted
Celtic Music is still very popular, and there is a shortage of really good bands willing to tastefully mix traditional with a more modern rhythmic feel. I'm looking for passionate Celtic musicians who are familiar with a large enough repertoire to be able to do three long sets of popular favorites. I am seeking fiddle players, harp, mandolin, guitar, concertina, ullean pipes, flute, bodhran, and singers

Call Alan McRae at 540-960-1651 or email me at